Dumpster Pads

Power Washing

Prevents Liability

Dump trucks empty your dumpster in all different ways. You can hear the sound of the dumpster hitting the ground with a big boom. It’s no surprise that the surface underneath a dumpster needs to be heavy-duty and capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Dumpster pads are concrete slabs, which may or may not be raised above the level of the street, that provide a sturdy platform for dumpsters. This dedicated space should also be reinforced in the area where the dump truck will be situated during emptying.

The force of the truck and of the dumpster can cause cracks, which can cause liabilty which is a trip hazard and create holes if an improper material is used.

We also power wash the area which is highly recommended to prevent rodent issues, bacteria growth, odors, also slip and fall issues. Falls are very commonly caused by grease and other slippery materials found in dumpster pad areas.