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Concrete Pool Decking

Swimming pool concrete decking specialists.
Concrete Pool Repair Service
Over 2,000, satisfied home owners.
Versed in all building codes.
4th generation concrete pool repair contractors.
We keep our work-sites clean.
You receive a 100% repair project.

The process we will go through with you:
1. On-Site consultation with full use of our concrete design center.
2  100% Concrete will provide you with a detailed budget for your repair project.
3. Grade the yard and fill in trenches for concrete.
4. The forms are installed along with rock and rebar.
5. Next, we pour your deck using a concrete pump.
6. Lastly, we detail and clean up your project. We Cater to the need of Property Mangemnet Companies, Apartment Complexes, Shopping Centers, Office Complexes, Government Facilities and HOA.

Removal and Replacement of Sidewalks, Driveways, Parking Lots, Curb and Gutters and ADA Compliant.
Concrete Re-Surfacing New broom finish on old concrete.
Concrete Grinding:  Repair of tripping hazards, root-damaged sidewalks.

Concrete Pool Decking:  We Specialize in unique, quality pool decking for the Central Valley and the Bay Area.
Concrete removal, concrete breaking and hauling.
Concrete removal is easy for our experienced 100% Concrete crew.
Concrete removal and replacement, whatever your concrete breaking and hauling
needs may be 100% concrete will be there to take care of it for you.
When we're finished, all the concrete debris will be hauled
away to the concrete recycling center, and the site will be left clean.