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New installations and remodels.
We are contractors who actually know about cantilever.
We are a company that understands the needs of professional pool builders. We are a company that can perform and stand behind their work. We offer multiple finishes from basic to complex. PERVIOUS CONCRETE is another product that we offer. What is “Pervious” Concrete? Pervious concrete is a high cement-content mix made with no fine aggregate and a low water-cement ratio. It is delivered in conventional  ready-mix trucks and placed in conventional forms. Vibrating and rolling densify the wet concrete for greater strength. No further finishing is employed, leaving a pebbled, open surface.

Little About Us

100% Concrete

100% Concrete, we are a 4th generation concrete contractor company, specializing in decorative concrete for every need and unique desire you may have.
Custom texture, color and finish are included in our quality craftsmanship.
Various custom works create a look that magnifies the natural beauty of cement.
We also specialize in unique, quality pool decking in the Bay Area and Central Valley.
Our other primary focus is Property Management, solutions for Apartment Complexes, Shopping Centers, Government Buildings and Business Parks. Our concentration is in the Removal and Replacement of concrete, Concrete Grinding and Concrete Re-Surfacing.